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Wall Displays

This style of wall signage is the latest innovation in the digital signage industry, Available with only 20mm ultra-narrow bezel width results in a near-seamless display, bringing you a different viewing experience.


  •  Sizes : 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″

Ultra-Thin Display, it’s an innovation for the industry, With the newest design and technology, the whole machine is just get 20mm thickness in total, it’ s the ultra-thin display for the whole industry that you never see! We also offer cloud basis network CMS if required ,and you can run the third party Digital Signage software via the Android PC board too.

Super Thin Body

Thinnest Screen!

20mm super slim thickness display.

400 nits

High brightness

The Brightest and Clearest!

Can up to 400nits high brightness.

4K Resolution

Watch in Fully  HD Quality!

Commercial 4K standard resolution.

2 sides

VESA standard

Display your content as you want!

Support both landscape and portrait.


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