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Poster Display Interactive

A digital poster that you can easily move around. Designed for use in commercial applications this screen can run 24/7.

  •  Sizes: 43″, 49″, 55″

Digital poster displays are the best and most unique way to display your content in any events or exhibitions. Poster displays are made with aluminium alloy to light the weight. With folding bracket in the backside you can place this kiosk in anyplace by yourself.

Intelligent Display

Multiple Window in Single Screen!

Supports splitting the screen into multiple windows with different content being reproduced in each of them.


Plug and Play

The Easiest Digital Signage!

The lightest portable AD player with direct USB playing and Pop android system.

Slim Body

Slimmest Digital Poster With Folding Bracket!

Super slim display with thickness 40mm only.


Safety Display

Higher Security Toughened Glass!

Stronger and more durable and less prone to breakage than standard glass .

Digital Poster Displays from Senevo Digital Signage are the best digital signage displays and most unique way to display your content in any events or exhibitions. It is ideal for use at the front of shopping centers, stadiums, train stations, etc. You should not worry about leaving these units exposed to large crowds because they are equipped with protection against theft and damage concerns. The Poster Display has a sturdy, resistant screen with protective glass and a welded steel housing, making it an extremely secure and durable display. Internally, it has a pro-active cooling system and a dust-free system, providing it a remarkable high level of safety performance round-the-clock.

With the help of Our Digital Poster, you can advertise your brand in a contemporary, unique way. This clear, self-standing digital banner can play beautiful visual presentations that entice passersby and guests to your establishment. When compared to smaller, conventional printed signs, an LED display stands out because it is made of flat panels that use light-emitting diodes as pixels to produce high quality image and video displays.

Our Digital Poster is the Slimmest Digital Poster with Folding Bracket!

This digital screen’s ultra-thin profile measures just 40mm, so it won’t require much room inside your establishment or during your event.

Free standing digital signs come with a huge screen that is eye-catching and highly visible, even from a distance and through a crowd, making them ideal for public spaces with significant foot traffic. Free standing digital signage is frequently found in stores, airports, hotels, showrooms, and exhibition halls. It usually has no external buttons or controls (to prevent tampering), and it frequently has retractable castors, which make it simple to move and reposition as needed.

Due of the outstanding size and brightness of this screen, the digital posters would be very helpful to organizations that use events to generate business.

Using the supports or wall brackets provided, this innovative, multi-purpose digital display can be used either as a floor standing display or wall mounted display.


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